UK Student Named ‘Safety Risk’ Banned From Heart of Worcestershire College Cooking Course Due To Dwarfism

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Despite living in the 21st century, people still face outrageous obscurantism. The latest story is really heartbreaking, so the Typical Student team couldn’t help but share it with the readers. Louis Makepeace, 18, a UK student, was banned from the Heart of Worcestershire College cooking course for an extremely weird reason!

Surprisingly, One’s Height Could Prevent Them From Taking a Cooking Course! 

louis-makepeace-banned-from-cooking-course-04Source: SWNS

The explanation given to him by the university officials said that "his height apparently poses a potential health and safety risk." Louis stands at 3’10”, he has dwarfism, and yet that is NOT the reason to exclude him from the college course! Louis was told he’s "too small for the kitchen." According to the college bosses, he was branded as 'safety risk' to the other 14 pupils on the course and apparently could become a 'disruption' getting under their feet.

louis-makepeace-banned-from-cooking-course-03Source: SWNS

As told by Ladbible, Louis Makepeace was offered a conditional place for the Hospitality and Catering course August 16. Now, the college has "backtracked on the offer." Louis believes the decision was based solely on his achondroplasia (also known as a form of short-limbed dwarfism). Having experienced such a humiliating ordeal, Louis became disillusioned in his dream of becoming a chef.  

How Did Louis’ Family React to the Situation?

Louis commented on the whole situation staying: "I just want to be treated as a normal person without them laughing at me and go around and do quite normal stuff." Louis’ mother, Pauline, has been pushing for a "final answer from the college." According to the Dailymail, the college officials told her to find Louis another course. 

louis-makepeace-banned-from-cooking-course-01Source: SWNS

Louis admitted he has always loved cooking Italian recipes since he was a kid, and he’s also an adept of a healthy lifestyle. Also, he’s been a huge fan of Gino D'Acampo for a long while. Louis says: "We were prepared to be flexible and my mum said I could maybe do the cooking at home whilst the new equipment was installed but they kept saying no."

The 18-year-old continues, appalled: "They said I would be a health and safety risk and disruption to the other students and get in their way, which was really humiliating."

Gordon Ramsay Said He Could Offer Louis A Job


An update on Louis' situation came in as we've prepared the publication. Having learned about how unfairly Louis was treated by the Heart of Worcestershire College, Gordon Ramsay said he could help the young chef get employed! Ramsay took to Twitter saying: "Disgusting attitude, I'd offer him an Apprenticeship any day."  

Mind you, Gordon didn't actually offer Louis a job and the caption on his Twitter looks a bit hypothetical at this stage. In response to his tweet, many Twitter users called on him to put what he has written into life. 

gordon-ramsay-could-offer-louis-makepeace-chef-job-02User @russ_nicol tweeted: "Do it! He will make a great chef, and will be a fantastic apprentice simply because he has the passion to do it. I really hope you give this young man a chance, and learning from you he could have a stellar career ahead of him."


User @tweetertucker replied: "Finish the fairy tale story and make it happen. Kid's got that extra motivation and determination to do well to prove those wrong."

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