UK Student Spent A Whole Day At Uni Completely Drunk And Here’s What She Learned

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Have you ever tried sitting in your classes drunk? You might think it’s not the best idea, and you’ll definitely be right. Still, there are people who don’t mind having an experience like this. The Tab’s Kristina Pauliakova decided to carry out an experiment and tell about the results. The Typical Student team couldn’t help but share her experience. Please mind: if you try to do this yourself, this might negatively affect your academic performance.


Drunk at Lectures and Seminars


Source: The Tab


So, Kristina decided to spend a full day doing what she always does - lectures, seminars, society meetings – under the influence of alcohol. Warwick uni student had a few bottles of wine throughout the day to get herself going. According to Kristina, seminars are the time to shine for drunk students. Allegedly, a drunk student at a seminar no matter how shy they might just feel extremely “obligated to raise a hand and answer every question.”


How Did People React to Kristina’s Experiment



Source: The Tab


By “every” we mean even those you know nothing about. So, be careful, embarrassing oneself might be easier than you think, but anyway having a good time is guaranteed. Apparently, some of Kristina’s classmates found it funny, some voiced respect for her courage. Still, there were people who would give her a dubious look ask why she would do this to herself. Nevertheless, the girl carried on ignoring all the haters.


What’s the Point of Experiment?


Source: The Tab


Apart from sitting in her classes, Kristina also went on a shopping spree spending money on clothes, Kebab Rush and Deliveroo, and of course Uber. Going overdraft didn’t seem scary to her at all. She also admitted to having “misplaced several of her possessions, such as student ID, phone and any last shred of dignity.”


In conclusion, the experiment was absolutely worth it, as Kristina reportedly discovered new aspects of her personality. Still, she wouldn’t recommend anyone to indulge in drinking while studying, as hangover can be pretty bad, killing all the joy.


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