UNBELIEVABLE: Walking to School Got US Graduate an SUV and $11,000!

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Did you know that walking to school could get you an SUV as a present? Well, Corey Patrick, a student from Alabama didn’t see that coming either. People magazine just broke this heartwarming story, and it’s truly amazing that human kindness sometimes has no limits!

Corey Patrick, the recent graduate of Tarrant High School, Alabama, has gotten up at 4:30 AM every morning for the past school year to catch a school bus! This became a routine for the boy living in the far-off area in Birmingham. On the day of his graduation, Patrick was getting late for his graduation ceremony, and was rushing to school wearing his graduation attire.

Corey’s mother, Felicia White, told journalists that the boy couldn’t get from “that side of town until 5:19” when the bus would return to Birmingham. So, he would make it back from school no earlier than at about 6:30 or 7 PM!

How Did Internet Learn About Corey Patrick?


Despite the sacrifices made, the boy didn’t want to brag about his daily walking experience. However, this didn’t sit well with the bus driver who wanted to make Corey famous. The driver took a pair of photos of Patrick walking to the bus stop in his blue graduation gown. The next thing he knew, the pictures went viral, amassing 40,000+ shares on Facebook!




Facebook users were in awe of Corey’s determination and voiced their admiration for the boy in the comments! All of this caught the attention of comedian Rickey Smiley, who is also a radio host based in Georgia. On May 25, 2018, Smiley presented Corey Patrick with a brand-new SUV at the 95.7 JAMZ studio!


This is how Mr. Smiley commented on his generous gesture: "Little buddy wanted doing this, trying to get no hype on the internet or trying to get no hype on the radio. He did it because he wanted his high school diploma." The radio host said he’d help Patrick pay for getting his driver’s license. Apart from getting the vehicle as a present, a GoFundMe page has been created for the teen and has already raised a little over $11,000.


As reported by CBS 42, Corey Patrick has since received a full scholarship to Jacksonville University, and is determined to study computer science.


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