University Halls Do's and Dont's For Freshmen Students

2 years ago




YouTube blogger named Amelia Booker put together a guide to uni halls for the future students where she shares the main university halls do’s and don'ts.



#1 Always lock your room




Amelia says that people would steal your food from the fridge or some other things, so locking your door is the #1 uni halls do.


#2 Respect the common areas

Don’t litter in the common areas such as halls, kitchens, or common rooms, because you will be fined for that at the end of the year.


#3 Decorate your room



Your room is your space, so you can decorate it with everything you like from posters of your favorite bands to Christmas lights.


#4 Behave like an adult

Amelia claims that saying bitchy comments or doing stupid things might be cool for school, but not for university, so behave like an adult.


#5 Socialize 




Make your university experience great, socialize, make friends, and enjoy the best years of your life.


#6 Don’t waste your time on people who annoy you

You don’t have to be friends with everybody you share a flat with, so it’s okay not to spend too much time with your annoying roommates.


#7 Don’t judge the people for what they eat

Amelia says that it concerns how people eat and how they cook as well. Most people just don’t like it and they would hate you for judging them.


See the full video guide by Amanda down below:




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