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Phoebe Slee is a popular blogger who shared her experience of living in the university halls on her YouTube channel.  So here are the worst and best parts of living in halls. That's what the Typical Student team prepared for you today!

The worst parts of living in halls




Phoebe says that probably the most annoying thing about living in the university halls is food stealing. She says that she herself faced this problem only once, but the most irritating thing for her was the fact that people stole her food not even to eat it, but just to smash it all over the place. Moreover, the thieves not only were stealing the food but kitchen supplies as well. Phoebe says that a couple of her plates and a lot of cutlery were stolen from her when she lived in the halls.

The other things that annoyed Phoebe were other people removing her laundry from the washing machine, constant noise, hearing other residents having sex, making food shopping by herself, and disgusting dirty kitchens.


The best parts of living in the halls




Of course, living in halls wasn’t that bad. The best thing about living in the university halls for Phoebe was meeting new people. Phoebe says that she met her closest uni friends in the halls. She also adds that common household really unites students.

Another good thing about the university halls is freedom. Phoebe says that living apart from your family gives you an opportunity to literally do whatever you want.

Among other advantages of living in the halls, Phoebe distinguishes having a cleaner and being surrounded by nice people. Phoebe says that despite all the disadvantages, halls are really fun and living in the university halls is a great experience indeed.

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