University of Calgary Student Emailed 247 Nicoles To Find The Girl He Met At A Bar

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If you believe real-life fairy tales as much as we de here at Typical Student, then you'll definitely like this story. Carlos Zetina, a student at the University of Calgary, went out to a bar one Thursday night where he met a girl whose name was Nicole. So Carlos and his new friend hit it off right away. At the end of the night, after Carlos dropped Nicole and her friend off, new friends exchanged phone numbers but, unfortunately, Carlos wrote Nicole’s number down wrong. Thereby, he wasn’t able to call or text her. 

How Carlos Was Looking For Nicole

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However, Carlos wasn’t going to give up, so he came up with a solution to his problem – he emailed over 200 Calgary University students named Nicole or some other variations of this name. His message reached hundreds of Nicoles, Nikkis, and Nicolettes. Moreover, among the message recipients were several professors and the associate graduate dean of the Kinesiology department. Carlos said that the reason he sent that email was that he didn't want Nicole to think that he was "a bad guy who didn't text back.''

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How All Nicoles At University of Calgary Responded

So, all the Nicoles Carlos wrote to started exchanging emails. 


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"Somebody responded only to the Nicoles and the group and said, 'Should we all tell him that we're his Nicole, all of us?'" remembers Nicole Macmillan, a U of C Masters student in psychology. "And then it just blew up from there." The conversation of the Nicoles almost instantly moved to the social media. Nicole DuGraye, one of the recipients of Carlos’s email, made a "Nicole From Last Night" Facebook group, that has about 80 members. The following day, the girls arranged a Nicole meetup at a downtown bar where obviously had fun and made new friends.

The Nicoles Network


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However, it is yet unknown how Carlos managed to get access to all the Nicoles’ email addresses. Macmillan, one of the Nicoles, said that "Our working theory as a Nicole team is that he must have gone into his email and typed in 'Nicole'." So basically, if you start typing at the beginning of a name, the university's email system suggests all the users with those names, so the girls think that Carlos must have just selected all the Nicoles the system provided him.

A little bit later, owing to the powerful Nicoles network, the original Nicole was finally found. The fun fact is that the actual Nicole said that she hadn’t got the famous message because, due to the fact that she was a Dutch exchange student, she didn't have a University of Calgary email address. Fortunately, at last Nicole saw the message through another Nicole.

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