EPIC Reply: How University of Reading Claps Back At Its Refugee Scholarship Plan Critics

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It’s no secret, colleges and universities get tangled into political controversy pretty often. Still, it’s crucial for any educational institution to have its own view of how they treat their students. In this respect, the Typical Student team couldn’t help but admire the University of Reading, one of the biggest public universities in UK, and here’s why! 


Twitter Critique

As soon as Reading had announced its intention to award 14 scholarships to refugees living in the local area, it received critique on Twitter! A bunch of smarty-pants would comment on the initial tweet as follows:

‘Don’t worry, Gavin. You’re already paying for this with your taxes, along with everyone else. But sure, Reading Uni would be willing to take more heard earned money from you!’ - @sineadnidalaigh


‘Why not scholarships for under privledged British children instead? As we are in England.’ - @TomCastleWDR


University of Reading Response

Still, the university representatives never hesitated their decision, so they clapped back at those who were dissatisfied with the uni’s announcement.

The tweet reads as follows: 

“We've had feedback over the last week that some people are unhappy with our plan to offer up to 14 scholarships to refugees living in the local area. To these people, we would like to say: Tough. Jog on.”


University of Reading Refugee Scholarship: What’s It All About?

A little earlier this year, the University of Reading issued an official statement saying the facility is launching a “new scholarship scheme for the city's refugee community.” According to the statement, the scholarship scheme came as a result of a partnership between two Reading-based organizations - Reading Refugee Support Group and Reading University Students' Union.  

The scholarship scheme is aimed at "young and highly educated people who have had their studies interrupted due to conflict and persecution in their home country." The representatives for the University of Reading believe the scholarships will help "welcome and integrate all people into [Reading] communities, activities and culture."

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