US High School Seniors Have Just Taken Student ID Photos To The Next Level

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ID photos are an everyday necessity, and yet, some people manage to take these very common student attributes to the next level.  The Typical Student team is sharing a hilarious collection showing how inventive high school seniors can be with their ID photos. Take a look!

ID Photoshoot Tradition at North Farmington High School

The North Farmington High School in Farmington Hills, Michigan is now famous all over the internet due to its student ID photos. Thing is, the whole class got dressed up in pop culture heroes and meme references to take pictures for their student IDs. Smart high school seniors used #NFID19 hashtag to place the hilarious pictures in a catalog.

How Do Students Prepare for the ID Photoshoot?

According to Mashable, this isn’t the first time students at North Farmington High pull this prank. Turns out, there’s been a student ID photos trend for several years, and seniors have no intention to stop. Of course, it takes effort and dedication to prepare for such an ID masquerade. Students search for the right outfits, backdrops and even do some makeup to maximize their resemblance with pop culture characters.

Where to See the Hilarious Pictures?

Twitter was literally taken by storm with the pictures of students shared side-by-side with the originals that inspired them. Also, each set of pics contains a smart caption with a description.  Seniors at North Farmington High School have engaged in this tradition for four years now, and they thoroughly prepare for their ID photoshoot. You can check the #NFID19 hashtag on Twitter, but here are the best examples.










How about your school? Would you ever dare to pull something like this?

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