“Do My Shoulders Turn You On?” US Student Arrested and Jailed for School Dress Code Violation

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Looks like student fight against the unfair dress code policies is endless. And it has just taken a nasty turn in one Kentucky high school! As reported by FoxNews, on August 23, a female student got arrested and jailed after a dispute with her school’s resource officer over her “so-called dress code protest T-shirt.” The Typical Student team previously told you about US Students Suspended Over Dress Code Violation and OVER-SEXUALIZED Dress Code Video Leaked Online. So, tune in for more school dress code drama.


Do My Shoulders Turn You On?


On August 23, student Isabella Messer arrived at Hopkinsville High School wearing an oversized turquoise T-shirt with a print reading “Do my shoulders turn you on?” The provocative phrase placed across the T-shirt front instantly caught the attention of her fellow students and resource officer. What’s more, the back of the T-shirt was reading: “If so, return to the 1920’s.”

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Dress Code Policies: Fair or Not?


When interviewed by the news outlet, Isabella’s mother, Theresa Rucks, claimed that students’ parents were unaware of the changes in dress code policies for the 2018-2019 academic year before the classes started. According to Mrs. Rucks, the new dress code rules prohibit “exposed shoulders” and “see-through white clothes.”


Source: Facebook


The provocative T-shirt appeared after the incident when Isabella had been stopped for a “dress code violation for showing her shoulders.” This way, the student expressed her protest against the unfair dress code policy. As told by the Herald Leader, the aforementioned T-shirt was a “large size” and covered the teen from “neck to elbows and to her bottom.”


Student Arrest for Dress Code Violation, Other Charges?


So, how did it happen that a student got arrested for dress code violation? After the school principal saw the provocative T-shirt, Isabella was stopped to have a conversation and became “uncooperative” and “loud” in the lobby. As told in the police report, Isabella was handcuffed for resisting arrest by the school resource officer. After she was taken to in-school suspension, a student wanted to use her cell phone to call her mother. However, she was forbidden to do that!




As told by FoxNews, after the school resource officer, Ronald Ingram, attempted to take away Isabella’s mobile, she kicked him in the right shin. All of that resulted in Isabella being charged with “disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and third-degree assault of a law enforcement officer.”


After being brought to justice later that same day, Isabella ended up in the McCracken Regional Juvenile Detention Center. The student had to stay there for five days, until August 28, and was subsequently released on house arrest.


Do you think, Isabella Messer went overboard?

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