US Student Came Out To His Entire School In The Middle of Graduation Ceremony and Got the Sweetest Response

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Shankar Lal, 18, chose an ideal moment to come out to his classmates. As the student revealed to BuzzFeed, he wanted it to happen at his high school graduation, and yet, he did that in the most unconventional way possible. The Typical Student team learned the details about Shankar’s coming out. 

How Did Shankar Make His Coming Out?

Shankar Lal is the Media Arts & Music program graduate at Hillcrest High School, New York. Before his graduation party, Shankar was shopping at Target when suddenly saw  the pride gear. He thought to himself that whipping out a pride flag at a graduation ceremony would be the best way to come out to his classmates and friends. So, it didn’t take him long to put what he had been thinking about into life! 

student-coming-out-at-graduation-ceremony-02Source: BuzzFeed

Shankar took to Instagram to share the big moment with his audience with a simple caption:"We love a reveal!"

How Did Shankar’s Schoolmates Respond to His Coming Out?

Shankar reminisces that the “response was insane." He walked across the stage with the pride flag placed over his shoulders, and then everyone began cheering for him! Shankar was especially touched by his teachers who told him how proud they were to see such a brave act.  As for Lal’s classmates and friends, they also showed him tremendous support and “there was so much live in the room”

student-coming-out-at-graduation-ceremony-03Instagram: @thatsoshanks

How Did Shankar’s Family React to His Coming Out?

Before making a public coming out, Lal came out to his family several months before the graduation ceremony. He admitted, his family were somewhat "concerned and taken aback" by his coming out. Still, as Shankar “approached the situation  as an opportunity to educate them” , his family became more accepting. Lal reminisces that after the graduation ceremony, his mother gave him a big hug and told how proud she was of him. 

student-coming-out-at-graduation-ceremony-05Source: BuzzFeed

What do you think about Shankar’s coming out? Was it brave of him to do that in front of the whole school?

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