US Student Gets a Blanket with Her Degree Printed On It

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This wonderful story is about a 24-year-old New York girl and her new unique blanket, inspired by Kanye West album. What’s so special about it? Well, the blanket has student’s degree printed on it! Are you ready to see the result? The Typical Student team is going to tell you more about Kynnith and her inimitable blanket.


Who Is That Girl?


Kynnith Francis is 24 y.o. She is a US student from NY, who just earned master’s degree at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. To celebrate it, student’s mother prepared an unusual gift. Soon Kynnith got an old-fashioned blanket with the printed degree. What a cute graduation present!


The Gift Was Inspired by Kanye West


One more funny fact about Kynnith’s blanket: it was made thanks to Kanye West and his album called ‘College Dropout’. One day, the girl made a KW reference to her mother.


"It was a complete surprise. I had mentioned it in passing maybe a year or so ago. I think I was discussing how dating is really hard when you’re in school and some people don’t understand that I prioritize my education over pretty much every type of relationship or romantic relationship at least," Kynnith said.


"So I kind of made reference to the Kanye West skit on The College Dropout album where he was discussing how the degrees will keep him warm, so I made that joke to my mom but I didn’t realize she remembered it until this past Friday [when] I get a package at my door, open it up, and it’s a blanket — but I don’t realize that it’s my degree until I completely roll it out and I’m in complete shock."


Social Media Feedback


Needless to say, Kynnith shared her new blanket on social media. The post became popular really fast!


Here are some reactions from Twitterverse:



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Credits: @Frostee6


First Career


According to Francis, she already has a graduate job. It’s at the University of West Georgia. She also added that wants to keep the blanket in the family.


"I think in 20 years from now I’m probably going to end up giving it to one of my kids. Just so that they understand that school is hard — but if I can do it, you can do it. And when you do do it, I’m going to celebrate you in the same way that my mother celebrated me," said the girl.

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