US Student Launched Website For Sharing Teens’ Dress Code Discrimination Stories

2 years ago



Discriminatory school uniform policies stand among the pressing problems students face by the day. The Typical Student team previously told you about US Students Suspended Over Dress Code Violation. And looks like students aren’t going to put up with this anymore.


Pass The Skirt Website


Parkview Arts/Science Magnet High School student Laura Orsi launched Pass The Skirt website after a dress code incident that happened to her friend. It is meant for students to share discriminatory dress code stories. As told by BusinessInsider, Laura’s friend had a panic attack in her school's office when administration told her off for the dress code violation. Reportedly, the girl’s skirt was "too short."


Why Was Laura’s Friend Punished for Dress Code Violation?



According to Orsi, administration accused the teen's friend, Clara Mitchell, of faking her panic attack and threatened her with suspension after she was "repeatedly asked to turn around so her backside could be viewed in the skirt by a room of judging adults."


In her blog post, Orsi has expressed an opinion that Clara Mitchell was targeted because of her Asian origin. In solidarity with her friend, Orsi decided to wear the same skirt the next day. The idea was to check if she would be punished for the dress code violation the same way. However, despite trying to pay maximum attention to herself, Orsi wasn’t coded.






On the website, Oris expressed an opinion that minorities are probably more targeted compared to white students. She commented as follows: "Not only are they made to feel as though their clothes are more important than their education, but also that a white's education is more important than theirs, perpetuating a society where minority women are stuck at the bottom."

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