US Student Learns He Failed His Midterm Exam Owing To A Viral Tweet

2 years ago



Can you imagine learning that you've failed a final exam thanks to viral tweet? Well, that's exactly what happened to student named Taiwan Jones. The Typical Student team just couldn't help but tell this crazy story.


Prof Grading Tests On The Flight

So, this guy Roy was on a flight next to a college professor who was grading exams. Roy got concerned when saw that someone named Taiwan Jones failed their exam,  so took to Twitter to tell about it. 








How Did the Twitterverse React?

However, Roy didn't expect his tweet would start a viral hashtag #FindTaiwan that even was trending in his area. Turned out, Twitter users wanted to find mysterious Taiwan and alert him of his exam failure.  











How Did Taiwan Learn Of His Failed Exam?

Unexpectedly, Taiwan Jones saw the tweet with his own eyes. 












His friend forwarded Roy's tweet to Taiwan, so the student everyone had been looking for did learn about his failed exam in advance.











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