US Student Mocks Education Majors in a Twitter Rant, Gets SAVAGE Clapback

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Despite the fact that this academic year has just started, your finals are coming sooner than you think. Think you still have plenty of time? Oh well, pulling the all-nighers to prepare for your tests is not as far away as you think. Naturally, students prefer expressing their feelings and emotions about the finals on social media.

Student Olivia Shade took to Twitter to share some thoughts on her finals and made fun of her studies and college majors. The Typical Student team collected Olivia's smartest tweets and decided to share them with you.


Being a science student, Olivia has to make numerous difficult researches while some education major students cut gingerbread men for their projects.

How Did Twitterverse React to Olivia's Tweet?

So of course, Olivia’s tweet had become viral, since lots of other students did agree with Olivia. However, at the same time education major students defended themselves and claimed that making lesson plans and being a teacher is not easy at all. And that is how teachers and education majors came for Olivia.

Bailey Pugh (@baileypugh2) replied to Olivia’s tweet that she chose education major because she wanted to be a teacher and not because she was too stupid to be a doctor, scientist, or engineer. Bailey also added that she does not disrespect other people’s career choices and she doesn’t want people to disrespect her choice.

Another Twitter user Ben Triulzi (@BTriulzi) said that all college majors require students to be smart and hardworking. Besides, if she (Olivia) didn’t have great teachers, she wouldn’t end up in biochem. Ben also noticed that her grammar was something to be desired.

At the same time Maeve Hasselman (@maeveybaby11) defended all education major students with her strong arguments. Thus, Maeve said that a 30 page unit plan written according to the national standards is not easy at all. She added that Olivia shouldn’t talk about the things she doesn’t know as well.

Alexander Pope (@thefourthpope) defending his major said that according to Olivia’s logic students who are not science major can say that biochem is easy, you just watch Petri dishes all the time.

college-majors-slammed-on-twitter-03However, some Twitter users like Emily (@emilyzxo_) didn’t even try to explain Olivia anything about their majors, they just mocked her. "I’m a stem major and therefore everyone else besides me is incompetent" is what Emily replied to Olivia’s tweet.

college-majors-slammed-on-twitter-02Lexie Gartner (@lex_eee16) though asked Olivia to explain her how would she go to college, if she didn’t have good teachers. Lexie also asked would Olivia be proud if her elementary school teacher saw her tweet.

Katlyn Holden (@katlyn_holden) disagreed with Olivia as well. Katlyn said that Olivia wouldn’t be able to make her science report if teachers didn’t teach her the alphabet. 

college-majors-slammed-on-twitter-05While other Twitter user Tim LaDuca (@tlad44) reasonably said that Olivia’s biochem project might be indeed more difficult than education major projects, but still it does not give her a right to offend other students.

And finally, Mulaney (@paige_routh) replied to Olivia the following: "College is crazy because no matter how open minded they try to make us STEM majors still think they’re better than everyone else".

college-majors-slammed-on-twitter-04So no matter what your major is, there still will be a lot of hard and time-consuming work to do. That’s why respect each other’s majors and be happy.

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