US Student Scares the Hell Out Of York College Campus With The Rake Halloween Outfit

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Meet Makayla Martinez, 19, who scared the hell out of dozens of students at York College Campus, Nebraska, United States. It took only $40  to create her unusual Halloween costume, so she believes this has been her wisest investment ever. She donned the grey skin suit of the Rake, an internet creepypasta on October 23. The Typical Student team learned more about this hilarious stunt.


The Origins Of The Rake


Source: Daily Mail


The Rake urban legend dates back to summer of 2003. The creepypasta derives from local media interest in a human-like creature allegedly spotted in Idaho, US. A horror movie based on the urban legend was released in 2018. The plot of the movie focuses on the creature which is believed to “attack humans for unknown reasons and cause victims psychological trauma.” 


How Did Students React to the Prank?

student-dressed-for-halloween-as-rake-03Source: Daily Mail

Makayla commented on her prank: 'Some people laughed uncontrollably and the people that were being scared though it was a super creepy costume after everyone asked who I was.' The prank was caught on video, and you can see some students got scared for REAL. You can see several students ‘recoiling in shock’ upon seeing Makayla show up out of nowhere in her outfit. See the viral video:


So, how did the student prankster come up with a costume idea? She reveals: 'I had bought the costume after seeing it on twitter and just got with a few of my friends to go around scaring people.

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