US Student Was Looking For Math Tutor On Tinder Night Before The Exam

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Did you know, Tinder app can actually help you get ready for your exams? One student who was struggling with calculus took to Tinder to share her distress and get some last-minute help. The Typical Student team learned if this really works all thanks to Mashable.


Here’s Why Procrastinating Your Calculus Exam Prep Is a Bad Idea



Maddi McMaster, a college sophomore, has taken her math exam twice, no luck, though. She felt like she was on the edge of a nervous breakdown before her midterm. Maddi confessed that her strongest subject is definitely English, and she’s “always been terrible at math”, so she had no idea why it happened that she chose an engineering degree when she first came to college. As for her calculus exam, she had "procrastinated with studying." You know how that happens. Unluckily for her, the night before the exam, the person who used to help her out with homework wasn't on campus.


How to Find a Math Tutor on Tinder?



She explained to the Mashable editors: "After staring at the problems for 45 minutes, I realized there was just absolutely no way I was gonna figure them out."  Believe it or not, there was nobody to help her as none of her friends had ever taken calculus. So, smart Maddie came up with a cool solution. She made a sign that read: "I NEED HELP WITH CALCULUS", took a selfie with it and made it her Tinder profile picture.


After that, she changed her bio: "I have a calculus midterm tomorrow and I have no idea how to do any of it. I literally just need help with calculus, I'm in Walter right now. ONLY SWIPE RIGHT IF YOU ARE GOOD AT MATH."


Did Tinder Help Her Pass Math Exam?


As a result of her Tinder experiment, Maddie said: "I didn't actually meet up with anyone. But I had people message me offering help." She also said she hadn’t been that hopeless as she “knew a solid 50% of the material.” But, her final mark will tell if she did well on the exam.  On the positive side, Maddi decided to transfer into liberal arts department after this semester, so she’ll probably never have to take a calculus exam ever again.



Maddie finally made a decision as far as her college major is concerned: "I'm taking psychology courses which of course involve science."  But, she believes she might resort to looking for tutors on Tinder again.


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