US Student Went VIRAL After Giving Iconic Shoes to School Janitor

3 years ago



This story happened in Fredericksburg, Virginia, US. A local student becomes a social media celebrity after the gave to his high school janitor a prized pair of tennis shoes the man couldn’t afford. Who’s this student? Let the Typical Student team tell you more details!


Who’s This Student?


The name of this young man is Tristan McAllister. He’s a student at Stafford High School. There. he made friends with Angel Echevarria - s local janitor. One day the student asked Angel which shoes to buy. The janitor answered that Jordan 8s would be the best choice.


What Happened Then?


As you may know, Jordan 8s is an iconic model. Michael Jordan was wearing these shoes during the 1992-93 NBA season. Today, their coast in about $250.

Tristan asked his friend why he doesn’t wear these shoes if they are so good. Angel said that he simply can’t afford them. He has 4 children and can’t just shot for himself.

After this conversation, the student decided to buy Angel a pair of Jordan 8s. Soon this story went viral on social media.


That’s what Tristan wrote:


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