US Students Create Video for College Assignment And It Immediately Goes Viral (VIDEO INSIDE)

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Missouri State University student named Sydney Arlt together with her five classmates made and then shared a viral video on Twitter. In the video, one can see their college professor looking very upset because only a few students actually came to the holiday party he threw instead of the final exam. The caption read: "My professor threw a party instead of having a final and no one showed up." However, as the Typical Student team learned, the video turned out to be fake.


Viral Video Assignment







In a short timespan, the fake video has garnered over 7.75M views and got over 70K retweets. But don’t think bad of these students as the video was an assignment given by that same "sad professor", Andrew Cline. The assignment’s intention was to make a video that would "go viral."


Is It Easy To Go Viral These Days?






According to BuzzFeed News, Mr. Cline is a media professor at Missouri State University teaching "The Fundamentals of Media Convergence" course. The goal of this assignment was to show how difficult it is to go viral, and that it was "designed to be failed." so, obviously, Mr. Cline wasn’t expecting his students to succeed, so they would learn more about the "challenges of going viral." Turns out, in this day and age, going viral is a lot easier than one might think.


How Did College Prof Comment On The Success Of His Students?


Eventually, Mr. Cline described the viral assignment experience as a "slow-motion car wreck" as things went "out of control" too fast and were impossible to contain:


"If you’ve never been involved in a viral incident, it’s a lot like being in a slow-motion car wreck. Time slows down to such an alarming and terrifying extent. You’re almost outside of your body watching it happen. This is exactly what it felt like. I’d rather not go through it again."

See the viral video that got so many people talking:



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