US Students Got Cars for Their Perseverance, While Chinese Student Got Nothing

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Looks like presenting a new car to students for their perseverance is becoming a trend. How else can you explain these AMAZING acts of kindness? The Typical Student team loves telling about random acts of kindness towards students in need. Previously, we listed 7 HEARTWARMING Times Complete Strangers Helped Struggling Students. And, we’re just about to tell you more!


Alabama Student Rewarded With a New Car for Walking 20 Miles to Work

student-walked-to-school-03Credit: Bellhops

Walter Carr, 20, a student from Homewood, Alabama got a new car from his new boss! How did that happen? It was the night just before Walter was going to start his new job, but unlucky for him, his car broke down and he had no time to take it to the mechanic. Someone would panic from the perspective of walking 20 miles to the job, but not Mr. Carr!

student-walked-to-school-04Credit: Bellhops

Instead of wasting his precious time, Walter set off walking in the middle of the night to ensure he would be just in time for starting his first day at work! After the CEO of the company learned about Walter’s perseverance, he didn’t hesitate to present Walter with his own car and establish a GoFundMe page for him which had raised around $8,500 (£6,500).


Student from Alabama Got an SUV and $11K for Walking to Graduation


Earlier, another student from Alabama, Corey Patrick, was given a brand new SUV for getting up at 4:30 AM every morning to catch a school bus! On his graduation day, Patrick was getting late for the ceremony, so he was walking to catch a bus dressed up in his graduation attire. It so happened that the bus driver secretly took pictures of Corey walking down the road and shared his story on Facebook.

Suddenly, a famous radio DJ, Rickey Smiley, learned about Corey Patrick’s daily walking experience and decided to present a boy with a car! Want to know what happened next? Read more on the story in UNBELIEVABLE: Walking to School Got US Graduate an SUV and $11,000!


Chinese Student Takes a 4.5km Walk to School in -9°C


student-walked-to-school-01Source: Weibo

Speaking of perseverance, this Chinese boy took the internet by storm after his pictures had surfaced on January 10. 2018. As told by Channel NewsAsia, Wang Fuman, 8, lives 4.5km away from school has to walk to school for 1.5 hours DAILY! On the first day of his final exams, the Primary 3 boy in Yunnan, China arrived at school on foot nearly frozen. In the pictures taken by his teacher, one can see the frost coating his hair and eyebrows!

student-walked-to-school-05Source: Weibo

The school principal shared the boy’s pictures on Weibo, a Chinese social media website,  and users were astounded! The local newspaper interviewed the principal, Fu Heng, who said: "It was -9°C in the morning and it was the first day of the final exam. The temperature had dropped in the last half an hour, and as he lives pretty far from school by the time he got to class his hair was full of frost."


It’s so sad that in modern day, kids have to walk kilometers and miles to school! Have you heard of any students who did the impossible to get to school?

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