Wales Students With Down Syndrome Crowned Prom King And Queen By Classmates

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Two high school sweethearts, both have Down syndrome, from Monmouth Comprehensive School in Monmouthshire, Wales, were crowned prom king and queen by their classmates. As told by LADbible, the two learned the news at their end-of-term dance. The Typical Student team delivers the details of this heartwarming event. 

Not Your Regular Prom King & Queen



Amelie Barker and Dylan Hughes, both 16, were chosen the prom queen and king in a vote held by their peers. The high school sweethearts began dating back in March,  but have been friends ever since they were toddlers. This isn't the first school Dylan and Amelie went to. The two attended different primary schools but entered the Monmouth Comprehensive School at the same time and then became friends. Dylan's mother Victoria Hughes, 45, commented on the heartwarming event:

"He came home at midnight a very happy young man. Dylan didn't want to take his crown and sash off - he was really thrilled."


The Student Vote



The Monmouth Comprehensive School has 1,600 pupils, and all of them decided to vote Dylan and Amelie in as their prom king and queen. Hayley Page, the assistant headteacher for inclusion, commented on what had happened: "Our culture and belief is that every child attends their local school and our aim is that every child can be independent, resilient and able to lead their lives.


"The great esteem held for the Dylan and Amelie and their popularity within our Year 11 led to them being voted as prom king and queen by their peers.

"But it went off beautifully, they really enjoyed their first date just like any other teenagers."


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