7 Ways to Save Up on Food for US Students: From Cheap Meal Plans to Healthy Snacks

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As we are what we eat, nowadays, healthy nutrition is quite a big deal almost for everybody. However, a perfectly balanced and healthy diet which consists of organic food is pretty expensive, especially for college students. For instance, an annual meal pay can be up to $6000, which is a big deal for those students who also have to pay for their apartment rent as well as for college. But, as a matter of fact, it is possible to save up on college food. Previously, the Typical Student team told you about Hunger Games: 1 in 3 US Students Are Food Insecure Because of High Tuition Cost. Today, we've put together a list of tips and tricks for students to help them save on food.


#1 Make a Shopping List


Try to plan your shopping ahead. Make a list of food that you need before going to a grocery store. In such a way, following your shopping list, you will not be tempted by impulse purchases. Besides, it’s better to go shopping alone, so that you can follow your shopping not being distracted by you fellows’ purchases.



#2 Avoid Impulse Buys


In addition to making shopping lists you can also plan your shopping ahead. Go shopping regularly and, as a matter of fact, the best day for shopping is the day when you receive your pay. So, make a list of everything you need and make sure that you didn’t forget anything. So that there won’t be a need to go shopping before your next shopping day which means that you will not be tempted by impulse buys.



#3 Use Coupons


Apart from the deals which supermarkets provide you can also save up on food by using coupons. Just search for  some products which marked by the word “coupon” online and then print them out or download to your phone.



#4 Don't Buy Lunches at the Canteen


It is obviously that bringing your own lunches from home is much cheaper than eating at the canteen or café. So, prepare your lunch in advance. Besides, you can prepare the same meal (chicken, vegetables or rice) with various sauces such as BBQ, Sriracha, mayo or cheese sauce. Various sauces will make the same meal taste different.


#5 Use Your Leftovers


Most of the students throw away a lot of food every day. However, you can save your leftovers, reheat and eat them again or even use them as ingredients of a new meal. For instance, there are a lot of apps like BigOven which provide you with recipes of tasty dishes that you can make from your leftovers.



#6 Set Your Weekly Limits


First of all, set a particular amount of money that you are ready to spend on food per month. So, for example, if your food budget is $400 per month that means that you can’t spend more than $100 on food per week. No matter how often you go shopping and how you pay for it (credit card or cash) just make sure you don’t go beyond your budget.


#7 Share Meals


Meals at the restaurants can be pretty big, so if you do not eat that much you can always share your meal with your mate. As a result, you won’t overeat and you’ll save your money.



Hopefully, these tips will help you save up on food and eat healthier!


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