Teacher Shares Weird But Hilarious Story About The Dumbest Student He's Had In Years

3 years ago



So, this teacher shared a story about his new student on the AskReddit subreddit. He said that even though he's not usually judgemental of his students' intellectual abilities, this one named Kevin has really surpassed his worst fears. The teacher knew that the kid had moved a couple of times, so he lacked some knowledge and academic skills. However, the teacher didn't expect the student would be that much "behind the curve". The Typical Student team shared the teacher's thread below: 





The prof called Kevin the "genetic pinnacle of this null achievement." Of course, Kevin isn't his real name. And, the prof listed the reasons why he thought Kevin was dumb. 




Turns out, Kevin is helluva stuntman as he did things like eating an entire 24-pack of crayons twice in two days. He also stole his teacher's phone in the middle of the class, called his basketball coach a "motherf**n' b*tch" and more.







And then the list continued: 




And continued: 



And, finally, Kevin's grandfather apparently died in a chain


How would you handle a student like this if you were a teacher? 

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