8 WEIRDEST Phrases That Ruined The First Date Completely

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First dates are always extremely exciting and a bit terrifying. Certainly, that’s okay to be a little nervous about your first date. Previously, the Typical Student team briefly reviewed 7 BEST Dating Apps for Students to Find a Perfect Match. Also, we have covered How to Earn £30 an Hour on Tinder? BEST Summer Job for UK Students 2018. Today, we'll focus on first date FAILS. Just because!

You just have to remember some first date basic tips such as:

  • no talking about exes
  • no complaining about your life
  • no mentioning of your desire to be in a serious relationship.  

These rules seem pretty easy to follow. Given the fact that many of the first dates usually go terribly wrong, some people probably don’t know these simple rules. Well, just imagine that you are finally going on a date with that guy you always liked. Everything seems to be perfect. So you are hanging out in a cozy restaurant, and all of a sudden, this guy says something terrible and even insulting. Such an unpleasant situation probably happen to every girl. So, here are 8 weird phrases that guys said on the obviously bad first date.

#1 “You are really short”

It’s okay to be short, anyway some people are tall, some – short. However, such comments on any girl’s appearance especially on the very first date are quite insulting. Besides, it’s impolite, not to mention the weirdness of such a comment on a first date.

#2 “Are you ready to marry?”

This is probably the weirdest thing to ask on the first date. Besides, this was not a proposal, this question was asked casually just as a general one.

#3 "My ex was so special compared to you"

Talking about his ex-girlfriend. Exes are the last topic girls want to discuss especially on the very first date. Firstly, it makes the girls think that they are less interesting than a guy’s ex. And secondly, we know that you guys had several girlfriends before, there is no need to show off.

#4 "I'm such a great person nobody appreciates"

Talking only about himself/herself. Some guys just don’t realize that they are supposed to get to know a girl they are on a date with more closely. They are just talking about themselves, complaining about their jobs, and telling the stories about their exes all the time. That is not only annoying, but also shows that a particular guy need a phycologist not a girlfriend.

#5 "Can you rate me on a scale from 1 to 10?"

WTF??? A guy asked his date to rate him from 1 to 10. Not only was it super weird to ask, but also quite awkward and uncomfortable for the girl who was made judge her date’s appearance.

#6 “You look like a mouse that’s been dropped in a toilet, and somebody’s taken it and it’s just sitting there shivering”

After a romantic walk in the rain like in a Hollywood movie this guy came up with no better than this quite an offensive phrase. It was probably a bad joke of him, but after such an insulting comment this date was their last o.

#7 “Would you like some coke?”

A guy offered his date some coke, but obviously not the drink. After the girl refused he said that it was cool, more for him. Then he made her watch a boring documentary about the band she has never heard of.

#8 "Ah, I feel so depressed so often"

A girl went on a date with a guy who was talking the whole evening about the meaninglessness of any kind of treatment because we are all going to die anyway. That was certainly not a fun date at all.

Did you have any first date fails?

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