10 WEIRDEST Things a Boy Can Learn While Living With Girls at Uni

3 years ago



There is a number of stereotypes surrounding female and male roommates. But in reality, sharing a house with female students can be quite educational for a boy. Will Fawcett, a student at University of Leeds, has shared a hilarious experience of living with a bunch of girls, and what can we say, he loves it!

The Typical Student team discovered a number of stereotypes that must not be taken for granted in communication between sexes. Previously, we told you about What's It Like Being US College Student in 21st Century?, check out that one too!

#1 Girls can be as messy as guys, and even more!



#2 Not every guy is good at DIY, and girls must remember that.




#3 Girls like discussing sexual escapades in detail, and that is cringeworthy.



#4 Hair is everywhere!

chewbacca-hair-meme#5 Each song heard in the female dorm is an excuse for having a karaoke competition.



#6 Suddenly, a guy living with girls can feel territorial when another guy is visiting.


#7 Forget about putting the football on.


#8 Guys living with girls must prepare for the perverted questions people might ask.

guys-perverted-questions#9 Girls adore the guys who cook.


#10 The time spent with male friends doesn’t feel that bad after all.


If you were a guy, how would you like an experience like this?

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