REAL Student Experience: What Is the Worst Thing About Your College?

3 years ago



The Typical Student team continues to deliver real-life student experiences. After the question "What is the worst thing about your college?" appeared on Quora students immediately started telling about their worst experiences at college. So here’s what students all over the US consider to be the worst parts of being at college.

Lack of Diversity




Blu Mays, a former Psychology student at the University of Colorado Boulder, said that the problems can vary depending on the region your college is located. The worst thing of her college, in particular, was the lack of diversity, she says: "The University of Colorado, for years now have made statements saying they will do whatever it takes to bring minority numbers up but it has yet to happen."






Even though Marc Findley graduated from Bowling Green State University back in 1992, the money problem is still acute. Findley says that U.S. colleges are very expensive and require people to go thousands of dollars in debt and for him, this is the worst thing about all the American colleges.



For Aleksander Cichosz, money and lack of diversity are not as much important as being homesick at college. He claims that living far away from home is the toughest thing of being at college.


Large Classes 



Tony Ashat, a former student of the University of Texas at Arlington, complains that the worst thing about his college were large classes. He adds: “It feels like a fish market when you are congested in class with 90 students around you. Professors don’t have time to answer questions, let alone start an interesting concept discussion.”


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