Real-Life Experience: Here's What It's Like Being Yale Student

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The Typical Student team keeps sharing real-life experiences told by student. This time round Claire Feeley, a senior history student and D1 athlete at Yale University, tells Crimson Education what it's really like to study at Yale.


What Is Yale's Student's Daily Routine? 




Claire usually gets up at around nine or ten, she makes breakfast (usually scrambled eggs or breakfast burrito), and then goes to her morning class. At 12:30 the class is dismissed and Claire grabs lunch either from a food car or at the dining hall. After lunch, she goes to her volleyball practice, which is usually from 2:30 to 5:30. After practice, Claire spends some time with her teammates watching a movie and relaxing. Then Claire together with her teammates head to dinner. After dinner, she goes to the library in order to work on her projects and do her homework. Then Claire goes to bed and the next day everything repeats itself.


What Is The Best Thing About Yale?




For Claire, the best thing about her college is the opportunity to be both a student and an athlete.  She says that in most of the other schools' athletes usually focus predominantly on sports and education is not that much important for them, but Yale gives her both brilliant education and development at sports.


Why Should Students Choose Yale?




Claire says that Yale gives her the opportunity to do whatever she wants there are a lot of extracurricular groups, Greek life, sports, intramural sports, and many academic societies. Claire claims that Yale has something special for every student.

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