Here’s What Student’s Life Looks Like When They Have A Dog

2 years ago



Needless to say, being a dog owner, you can’t imagine your life without this cute monster. And, although there are so many downsides like broken clothes and ruined dinners, you still love your doggie more than anything. In this post, the Typical Student team selected 10 sweet and realistic tweets from students with dogs.


#1 When They Are Fooling You

what-life-looks-like-when-you-have-a-dog-1.jpg#2 Begging For Food

what-life-looks-like-when-you-have-a-dog-2.jpg#3 Making Friends

what-life-looks-like-when-you-have-a-dog-3.jpg#4 And Falling In Love

what-life-looks-like-when-you-have-a-dog-4.jpg#5 Giving No Hecks

what-life-looks-like-when-you-have-a-dog-5.jpg#6 Queen

what-life-looks-like-when-you-have-a-dog-6.jpg#7 Being Stylish

what-life-looks-like-when-you-have-a-dog-8.jpg#8 When You Are Too Fat

what-life-looks-like-when-you-have-a-dog-7.jpg#9 Classy

what-life-looks-like-when-you-have-a-dog-9.jpg#10 Collecting



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