Back-To-School Timeline: When Top 10 UK Universities Begin Fall Semester in 2018

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In the previous post, we already told you when the academic year begins at famous US universities. As you may know, each of them has different back-to-school timeline. So, now it’s time to move to UK students. In this post, the Typical Student team will tell you when 10 top UK universities begin the school year in 2018.


When Do Oxford Students Go Back to University?


Actually, Oxford has so many dates to remember. We recommend you to visit the official website to see the dates of the term. Here are some fixed dates for 2018:

  • Michaelmas 2018 begins September, 20 for Honour School of Chemistry;
  • Michaelmas for candidates in Materials Science begins September, 7;
  • For candidates in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, Michaelmas starts September, 14.

What About Other Top UK Universities?


  • For Cambridge students, Michaelmas 2018 begins October, 2. It’s Tuesday.
  • When it comes to London School of Economics, Michaelmas term 2018-2019 starts Thursday, September, 27.
  • If you are going to attend Imperial College London, the Michaelmas 2018 begins 29 September.
  • For those students, who are going to the University of St Andrews, the Martinmas starts September, 17. For Durham College, day 1 of the semester will be September 5, 2018. As for Durham Tech, its students have already started their school year August, 13.
  • Now let’s move to the Loughborough University. The fall term starts October, 1.
  • Lancaster University begins the academic year October as well. In 2018, it will be October, 5.
  • Warwick students go back to the university September, 24
  • Finally, this year, the first term at University College London begins September, 24.



To finish with, don’t forget that UK universities have different dates for the beginning of the academic year. What is more, lots of faculties also start it differently. For these simple reasons, we recommend you check the dates twice.

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