Students of Columbia University Reveal Why It's The Best Place To Enter

2 years ago



Recently, Crimson Education asked Columbia University students why Columbia is the best school, so, in this post, the Typical Student team will share with you their answers.

What is the best thing about Columbia?

Columbia University students claim that they really like the location and the environment of their school, the student clubs and activities that Columbia offers, the campus and college communities, the people, and the great education.

What is the worst thing about Columbia?





According to Columbia students, among the worst things about their school are crowded elevators in the Engineering Building, the air of competition that you can sense while walking around the campus, and New York City traffic.

What is a typical weekend of a Columbia student?





Students of Columbia University like going to Soho, hanging out with friends, going shopping, eating out and going to museums, and studying during their weekends.

What did Columbia students write their application essays on?





Among the most common things students wrote about in their application essays for Columbia were their experience of being under Pratt, where they came from and how they decided on their major, their cultural identity and ethnic roots, the relationships with brother, and growing up as a first-generation kid in America.

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