Here’s Why So Many International Students Want to Study in Canada

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During the recent survey, it has been found that a lot of international students in Canada want permanent residency. The numerals are increasing every day! What did statistics show and why Canadian students prefer getting permanent residency after the graduation? The Typical Student team is going to figure it out for you!

What Did Statistics Show?

As stated by Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), in 2018, there are:

  • 60% from this year’s cohort want to be future citizens;
  • 51% of them said the same in 2015;
  • 30% said they are not sure yet.

What Are The Reasons Students Want To Stay In Canada?


Basically, all these participants were students. Almost each of them has plans for future that are somehow related to permanent residency. Among the main reasons why students are going to stay in Canada after graduating from the course were additional study and working plans.

That’s what students think of their future in Canada:

  • 50% of students want to remain in Canada to obtain further education; 
  • 25% of them want to enter another institution;
  • 21% want to stay at the current institution; 
  • 70% of the asked students said they are going to find a job in Canada.

How Many Students Go To Canada?

In the whole, there were more than 14,000 reports from post-secondary international students. For the cohort, it makes 4%. What are they doing rn?

  • 35% are pursuing a bachelor’s degree; 
  • 13% of students are pursuing diploma studies;
  • 22% are for Master’s;
  • 17% are for doctoral programs.

Who Form the Largest Regional Group?


Today, the largest regional group are formed by East Asian students. Besides, 23% related to South Asia students and !4% to Africa students.

There are many other nationalities going abroad to study in Canada.

Canada is welcoming, friendly, and cheerful and that makes me feel good in spite of being thousands of miles away from home, ” female business student from India says.

The startup community and faculty members are incredibly kind, empathetic and supportive people…Professionals both inside and outside the university whom I have had the pleasure to interact with continue to encourage me and help me where they can to pursue my goals and improve every day and that means the world to me,” student from Trinidad and Tobago says.

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