7 Out of 10 UK Schools Are Overcrowded With Students

4 years ago



The latest reports demonstrate UK education is challenged with overcrowded classrooms and crumbling school buildings. UK schools are unable to accommodate increasing number of students, so they are taught in temporary classrooms. The school staff claims the buildings where kids are taught are absolutely unsuitable for education purposes due to damp, mould, and even vermin.

The survey conducted by the NASUWT teachers’ union involved 1,250 educators. Over  respondents (37%) claimed the school building quality was poor as opposed to the 36% saying ‘adequate,’ 17% ‘good,’ and 9% ‘very good.’ The survey report has revealed other shocking details:

  • 48% of UK educators claimed the number of students has drastically increased in the past 5 years.
  • 7 out of 10 teachers admit classes are overcrowded with students.  
  • 1 out of 5 teachers admit classrooms had been created in Portacabins or by occupying the space in other school areas.
  • Over 50% of educators complained students don’t have enough space to move around the classroom.

UK Schools: Typically Silenced Problems

Believe it or not, the schools built as temporary educational facilities in 50s, are still used despite being in damaged condition. There are schools having old mobile classrooms devoid of heating, so students have to sit in coats. Apart from all that, there are often serious problems with toilets and drains. Most schools don’t have enough space to eat other than outside by the catering kiosk.

In the light of the shocking findings, concerns have been raised about the schools’ spending priorities. Almost 49% of respondents have admitted their school allocated funds to improve conditions in the past 5 years. 29% claimed the funds have been distributed on the school rebranding, 22% claimed the investments had been made in hiring consultants.

According to the Guardian, the UK government was investing £10B to “maintain, improve, or rebuild school buildings between 2016 - 2021.” The Department’s statement claims the average primary class accommodates 27 students, while 825,000 new places have been created since 2010.

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