Women Share Most Cringeworthy Things Men Said While Catcalling Them

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Despite living in the 21st century, women around the world still have to deal with catcalling and other forms of sexism. Sadly, not everyone can find courage and words to stand up for themselves. The Typical Student team collected the most cringy examples of catcalling shared by girls of BuzzFeed Community. 


#1 Following in her steps



ssphoenix94: "When I was about 16, I stopped at a red light with my windows down. These two older guys pulled up next to me, and I saw them begin to roll their window down too. I can’t remember what they said, but it was pretty typical. I was a shy kid, so I ignored them instead of getting angry. I guess to get back at me, they decided to follow me for the next 10 or 15 miles. I made sharp turns into several neighborhoods because I thought maybe I was being paranoid. But nope. Their feelings got hurt, so they decided to terrify a much younger girl."


#2 Promo campaign


courtneyr4956f4263: "I was sitting on the subway with my headphones on, and this guy, who looked like he was in his seventies, sat next to me and said something. I didn't hear him at first, but I assumed has was asking for directions or something. When he repeated himself, he said, "I'm a very nice guy. I have a very large dick. So can I get an email?" It was sickening."


#3 Parking lot encounter


hunnybunnyfuntime: "While walking to CVS one morning, some guy in a parking lot yelled out, "Looking for some dick?" I was so embarrassed and disgusted that I didn't react at all and ran home. I just went to the store later."


#4 "My hands would fit perfectly around his neck"



stephanieb4e55227b7: "One time I was at the grocery store checking grapefruit to see if they were ripe —basically lightly squeezing them for firmness. A man came up to me and asked me what else my hands could squeeze. I was pretty pissed, and I told him my hands would fit perfectly around his neck."


#5 Pregnancy advisor


audreyl4272376cf: "During my first week in college, my new roommates and I were walking by a frat house when a guy stumbled out and yelled at us, “Who wants to get pregnant?!”


#6 Cleaning services offer


maryyoungwonf: "I was leaving Target, and two dudes were talking about a mop they had just bought. I happened to be walking in the same direction and upon noticing me, one said, “I’d like to mop you up, baby.”


#7 Weirdo in a restaurant


danielleh66: "I had just walked into a fast-food restaurant to place my order. A guy seated inside saw me and kept staring at me, so I made the mistake of looking at him like, "WTF?" He smiled and said, "I love big bitches." I left and went somewhere else."


#8 He'd better kept his mouth shut



indyanna1965: "I was walking down the street with my friend, and a car drove past us. The guy on the passenger side leaned out the window and said, “Girrrrrl!!!! If you let me in, I’d OWN that puss!” Word for word. It was horrifying. I’ll never forget it."

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