You'll NEVER Want To Be A Part Of It: The Worst College Party Ever

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Can you say that you have been a part of the worst college party? Bri Lee D posted a video on her YouTube channel about the worst college party she’s ever been to. Today, the Typical Student team will share with you this crazy story.

The drunk girl





Bri Lee D says that it was her last weekend before going home and, even though she didn’t feel like going to a party at all, her friends convinced her to go. So when they came to the party, it had been already started. Bri Lee D immediately felt like she wanted to go home, so did her friends. However, they couldn’t go home that fast. When Bri Lee D together with her friends was heading to the exit, they heard a girl screaming “I’m about to puke!” Of course, Bri Lee D decided to help that poor girl. So she gave her some water and a bag, in case the girl would really throw up.

The crazy owner of the house





When Bri Lee D was helping the drunk girl, all of the sudden, the owner of the house showed up and said that she and her friend (the drunk girl) should get out. But the drunk girl wasn’t even a friend of Bri Lee D, so she told that to the house owner, who eventually made Bri Lee D find that girl’s friends.


So eventually the drunk girl did throw up, which really disgusted Bri Lee D, so she finally found the drunk girl’s friends who took her to the bathroom. And suddenly, she heard the sound of the breaking glass from the bathroom. The drunk girl fell and broke the glass shower door. So then the owner of the house was screaming at her and all that stuff. Well, yeah, it was the worst college party Bri Lee D has ever been to.

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