WTH Is 'Coughing Cat' Meme? Twitter Is Going Crazy Over This Creepy Feline Pic

3 years ago



As you know, the Typical Student team never misses a fresh meme. Now, it's the coughing cat image invading the Twitterverse, which some find extremely funny, whereas others believe it's disturbing or offensive. So, what's wrong with the cat? 


Who Started The Coughing Cat Meme Hysteria?


Twitter user @aliahgeyes tweeted this coughing cat the other day with a caption: "This is how lil kids cough." It is unclear though if Aliah was annoyed by a particular kid who might've spoiled her day with a cough. Still, the Photoshopped pic made its way into more Twitter profiles over the past few days. 



Those hating on their coughing classmates will definitely relate:




Still, there were people who apparently drew analogies between the coughing kids and the creepy cat. It goes without saying, they immediately took to Twitter to share their findings. 




Google image search, help us all!




Some people were even reminded of Steve Buscemi, which resulted in even creepier mashup:



Whether or not these analogies are strange to you, most people just indulged in the silliness of it all:



Is The Coughing Cat OK? 

Animal lovers, however, quiestioned if the cat is fine. As if coughing cats really have pig snouts in real life. So, someone took their time to find the original image that had been aptly photoshopped to make it look creepy. Not to worry, the cat is alright. User @YasTibbytabs dug the internet for some answers:



However, if you prefer the cat coughing, here's more for your pleasure: an octopussy and other photoshopped pets, if you please:







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