WTH Is ’Number Neighbor’? See Hilarious Reactions In 15 Tweets

2 years ago



The recent “Number neighbor” trend on Twitter started last month and is all the craze on social media right now. A number neighbor is your “textdoor,” a person with the same number as yours except for the last digit that goes either up or down to the closest one. 

Though many people see it as a positive trend to meet new people, some are not so appreciating. 

Typical Student has a list for you with people who’ve actually managed to contact their number neighbor. 

P.S. The man behind it all is here as well. 

#1 No no, I’m outta here! 


#2 They found each other! 


#3 Oh, does your grandma live in a cute small town? 


#4 A wise number neighbor! Listen to that advice! 


#5 Looks like somebody’s adopted a dog!


#6 When you find a actually cares:


#7 People get way too series about this trend:


#8 Run, Vinn, run from them!


#9 A perfect match! 


#10 It’s cool when you like the same TV shows! 


#11 When your number neighbor feeds you! 


#12 Best number neighbor? The one who answers “Hell Yeah!” 


#13 It’s actually a great way to find friends:


#14 No surprises there!


#15 And the man of the hour! The one who’s started this craze!


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