WTH Is ’Number Neighbor’? See Hilarious Reactions In 15 Tweets

10 months ago



The recent “Number neighbor” trend on Twitter started last month and is all the craze on social media right now. A number neighbor is your “textdoor,” a person with the same number as yours except for the last digit that goes either up or down to the closest one. 

Though many people see it as a positive trend to meet new people, some are not so appreciating. 

Typical Student has a list for you with people who’ve actually managed to contact their number neighbor. 

P.S. The man behind it all is here as well. 

#1 No no, I’m outta here! 


#2 They found each other! 


#3 Oh, does your grandma live in a cute small town? 


#4 A wise number neighbor! Listen to that advice! 


#5 Looks like somebody’s adopted a dog!


#6 When you find a actually cares:


#7 People get way too series about this trend:


#8 Run, Vinn, run from them!


#9 A perfect match! 


#10 It’s cool when you like the same TV shows! 


#11 When your number neighbor feeds you! 


#12 Best number neighbor? The one who answers “Hell Yeah!” 


#13 It’s actually a great way to find friends:


#14 No surprises there!


#15 And the man of the hour! The one who’s started this craze!


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