That’s How Students Can Take Home A Part Of Yale On Christmas Holidays

3 years ago



When you are a student, it feels like you spend 99% of your life at uni. However, some people would like to have things reminding them about alma mater. In case you are one of them, this post is for you. Today, the Typical Student team will tell you about The Yale Collection.


What Is Yale Collection?

yale-gifts-new-collection-1.jpgThe Christmas holiday season is already near! To celebrate it, the Office of Marketing and Trademark Licensing introduced The Yale Collection. These are the gifts made for alumni, students, and fans of Yale.


What The Collection Contains?


Among the items The Yale Collection offers, there are such things as:

  • an early 20th-century replica football
  • Pillows with an image of Harkness Tower, Cross Campus,
  • or a football helmet-wearing,
  • 550-piece puzzles of the Yale Bowl and Harkness Tower,
  • hand-painted glass ornament featuring Harkness Tower, and more.

Still, not everyone thinks that the collection is a good idea. Some students called it too pretentious. And what do you think?

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