2,000 High School Students in Australia Taking Year 12 Exams on Laptops First Time Ever

3 years ago



Almost 2,000 Australian high school students in Year 12 have just made history. For the first time ever, they took their end-of-year exam electronically to complete it on laptops.


First-Ever Exam in Australia Passed Electronically: Key Facts



Source: abc.net.au


Here’s what Typical Student learned:

  • The first exam to be taken in Australia electronically was English language.
  • Students were provided with customized laptops with no internet access and no spell check.
  • Overall, students said this had been a positive experience. However, insignificant problems occurred.
  • Exam assessment reflects how students have been learning all year.
  • The exam is worth 15% of the overall mark.

How Students Feel About The Exam?



Source: abc.net.ua


All in all, students had a positive opinion of the exam. One Adelaide High School student commented: "It actually feels pretty natural because most of our assignments are already on computers." Another said it was "much more efficient" than the traditional exams.


According to Cez Green, Adelaide High School principal, students felt more relaxed and excited as they used the technology, saying:  "They can write much faster generally than they can using pen and paper it would be really interesting to interrogate the results."


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