YouTuber Shares CRAZY Story About Her Nightmarish College Roommate

2 years ago



The Typical Student team continues sharing real-life student experiences. This time around, YouTuber Brenna Berg shared a story about her college roommate from hell.


Everything Was Great at the Beginning




Brenna moved in with her friend from high school Trish and they had an amazing time living together. The whole freshman year they were going out all the time and had so much fun together. However, during their second year of college things started to change.


The Diary Incident 



One day a guy who went to Church with Trish called Brenna and told her that they need to talk. So the first thing he told her was "Do you have a diary?" and it appeared that Trish was mad at her because she read in Brenna’s diary that she was not excited about Trish coming back to their apartment after summer.

So eventually Brenna found out that her roommate was going through her stuff and reading her diary. And that just drove Brenna crazy. Especially the fact that Trish was angry with her because she read something bed about herself in Brenna’s personal diary. So she simply stopped communicating with Trish at all. However, Trish continued doing crazy things and started accusing Brenna of stealing her stuff.


Moving Out



Finally, Brenna moved out and, even though she didn’t get her deposits back, she was extremely happy about leaving her crazy roommate in the past. Brenna says that Trish was a horrible person and the only thing she wanted was to move out, so she didn’t even care about her deposit money.

See the full video below:



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