YouTuber Shares EXCLUSIVE Lifehacks On How To Be 4.0 Student

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The Typical Student team delivers the story told by student who managed to graduate as a straight A student. YouTuber ImJustOlena has recently graduated from college with straight A’s and shared her story of success on her YouTube channel. Here are the Habits of 4.0 Students told by Olena:

Sitting in the Front of the Class

Olena says that sitting in the front did actually help her, especially when she didn’t understand a subject well. Besides, she said that making an eye contact with the professors while sitting in the front had really helped her to make a good impression of herself.

Planning Is Your Key to Success 



This is Olena’s favorite trick. At the beginning of the semester she wrote down every project and task as well as deadlines that she was supposed to do during the semester. So basically that is how she had never missed the deadlines and got her A’s.

Being Friends with Upperclassmen 




Upperclassmen told Olena what to expect from the classes that she was going to take as well as from the professors. And that was a big deal for her actually.

Making Friends With Straight A Students

Smart friends always helped Olena when she had some homework questions, besides, she could ask them to borrow their notes when she missed the classes.

Submitting the Assignments Earlier

Some professors checked Olena’s assignments earlier and basically told her how to edit her work in order to get an A. Olena suggest doing this especially when you don’t understand what a professor wants you to do.

Studying to Understand Not to Memorize




Olena had always been studying in order to actually understand the material, not only to get an A, because she knew that she would need this knowledge in the future.


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