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10 Hilarious Episodes from The Office

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50 Funny Tinder Bios That Will Make You Laugh Hysterically

If you're new to the dating scene, the best Tinder bios are waiting for you!

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Think You've Had WORST First Date? These 10 Stories Will Prove You Wrong!

BuzzFeed Community members are sharing their worst 1st date experiences.

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Guy Shares In Twitter Thread How His Cousin Learns TERRIBLE Truth About Her Sugar Daddy (TWEETS INSIDE)

If you think you've been through some terrible things in your life, check out this Twitter thread!

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19-Year-Old Student Dies In Majorca After Taking Rogue Extasy Pill 'Laced With Rat Poison'

Milagros Alanis Moyano's family refuses to believe she bought the pill herself.

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Best Dorm Room Designs for Guys

Dormitory design and d├ęcor tips for college students. Making male rooms stylish and adding personal touches can be easy!

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Most Creative School Textbook Drawings

School lessons can be boring and lacking creativity. To make school fun, children use their imagination to the fullest. Take a look at the hilarious example of the best textbook vandalism.

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11 Design Ideas to Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

Typical Student offers the best design ideas for girls to decorate their dorm rooms choosing the right color pallet and DIY tricks.

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Wales Students With Down Syndrome Crowned Prom King And Queen By Classmates

Classmates unanimously named a student couple with Down syndrome the prom king & queen

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10 Hilarious Memes Only Engineering Students Will Understand

College is a difficult period of time for engineering students. To add colors to your hard-working routine, take a look at these memes about school life that only you will understand.

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