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10 Hilarious Episodes from The Office

8 months ago



Famous YouTuber Slams Delta Airlines After Their Customer Support Responds to His Prank Tweet

Drew Gooden called out Delta Airlines if he can get some response on social media.

10 months ago 837

You Will Be Shocked At These New Celebrity Attempts At Bottle Cap Challenge!

In case you're following, here are five more celebrity attempts at #BottleCapChallenge!

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9 ACCURATE Memes About Sleep Every Student Will Relate To

Who hasn't had any bad sleeping habits?

10 months ago 1630

11 Memes That Show How Confusing Summer Flings Can Be

A short passionate fling is what makes a summer unforgettable.

10 months ago 1341

Student Has a Stroke & ASAP Brain Surgery at Stanford (REDDIT STORY)

r/tifu subreddit delivers the spiciest student story!

10 months ago 626

9 Memes That Show What It's Like To Be A Student On Summer Break

There are some of those common summer break situations every student has been in!

10 months ago 1202

10 Entertaining Memes To Chase Your Boredom Away

In case you're feeling bored, here's a bunch of memes to cheer you up!

10 months ago 1389

8 FUNNY History Memes For Students Missing The Good Old College Days

It's been a while since we posted fun history memes.

10 months ago 803

Was There Any Life Before Social Media? Twitterverse Sounds Off!

Here's how people used internet before social media got so big...

10 months ago 412

9 #RuinVacationIn4Words Tweets To Consider When Going On Vacation

These four scary words are capable of ruining any vacation!

10 months ago 510

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