5 Ways Students Can Earn Money With Gaming

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There’s no secret, these days. a lot of students are obsessed with video games. However, there are some advantages. In 2018, colleges are recruiting students for “eSports” teams. To say more, some institutions even offer scholarships for gaming. In this post, the Typical Student team will tell you more!


#1 League Of Legends

5-ways-to-earn-money-with-gaming-1.jpgLeague of Legends is a huge competition between Ohio State and Michigan State, which happens in spring. It’s a fast-paced, team-oriented (5-v-5) online game that has with over 100 million monthly active players worldwide.

#2 ESPN Programming

As you may know, ESPN has already started airing similar programming. Actually, there is an entire section launched on ESPN.com.


#3 eSports Teams

5-ways-to-earn-money-with-gaming-3.jpgTalking about this point, keep in mind that the Toledo Blade reports that Lourdes University in Sylvania is looking for fresh players. They need both men and women to fill eSports teams.


#4 Scholarship

Obviously, some unis offer gaming scholarships and Ashland University is among them. The university is located in Ohio and offers a new $4,000 scholarship to talented Fortnite players.


#5 Ohio College

5-ways-to-earn-money-with-gaming-2.jpgFortunately, now, there are dozens of unis and colleges that have eSports teams. Back to Ohio, there’s a huge list of such colleges. You can join an eSports teams in these unis:

  • Ashland University,
  • Defiance College,
  • Lourdes University,
  • Miami University,
  • Ohio Northern University,
  • Shawnee State University,
  • Tiffin University,
  • the University of Akron,
  • and the University of Mount Union.

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