7 Student Tips To Survive Black Friday And Buy All The Needed Stuff

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As you can see, Black Friday is not just a happy but a dangerous time! Today, YouTube is full of shocking videos of customers stampeding into shopping centers. For these simple reasons, the Typical Student team prepared some BF tips for you. Let’s see how a student can make the most and stay safe on Black Friday.


#1 Create Black Friday Shopping List

7-tips-to-survive-black-friday-3.jpgFirst things first, you have to create a BF list. Take time to think about all the things you are about to buy and work on the schedule. You should divide these products into categories like:

  • office,
  • home,
  • college,
  • personal,
  • clothes, and more.

#2 Set Black Friday Budget

Your next step will be setting Black Friday and Cyber Monday budget. What’s more, you have to set the budget for each category. Thanks to this simple step, you will avoid last-minute decisions making. Besides, now you can rewatch the list to cut the unimportant things out of it.


#3 Research

7-tips-to-survive-black-friday-1.jpegTo make your best, you should start with a research! Just study all the products you are about to get and don’t forget to compare them with each other. Take some time to read comments and reviews


#4 Use Google Alerts
In a word, Google Alerts is a BF must-have for any student. It’s free and allows you to find the needed products without trouble. All you need to do is to write the keywords and create your own alert.


#5 Social Media

7-tips-to-survive-black-friday-2.jpgIn 2018, social media is the very place to look for best deals. Make sure that you follow all your fav shops because they will definitely post hot offers. Now you can get all the updates and fresh news about the upcoming sales automatically.

#6 Plan Your Days
Needless to say, students are always busy. Actually, you won’t need to waste the whole week on Blck Friday shopping. No matter what you are going to buy, you should check the prices and schedule your time. You can do it online. Next, check your Black Friday list and prioritize the goods. Always start shopping with the most important products!


#7 Customer Programs

7-tips-to-survive-black-friday-1.jpgAnd last but not least, start searching for customer programs that are also called loyalty programs. If you will get a lot of products from a single seller, there may be a huge additional discount or a cashback.


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