Betsy DeVos' Security Will Cost $7.74M In 2019. What Could US Students Buy for This Money? (INFOGRAPHIC)

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CNN have broken the news on the latest security detail of US Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos.  Nikki Credic-Barrett, US Marshals Service spokeswoman, has announced Ms. DeVos is to spend $7.74M on security in 2019. Surprisingly, the sum increased by $1M compared to the previous year. The Typical Student team looked into the Education Secretary’s security detail and reports the results.


Education Secretary's Expensive Security



usa-devos-education-secretarySource: NYPost



Upon conducting threat assessment for Ms. DeVos, the Marshals Service have concluded there is a real threat to her safety. Over the time, the cost of Betsy DeVos’ security has increased significantly:

  • In fiscal year 2017, which started in February 2017 and lasted through September 2017, security expenses equaled $5.28M
  • In fiscal year 2018, which started in October 2017 and ran through September 2018, the security detail cost $6.79M
  • In fiscal year 2019 projection, the cost is expected to increase by a $1M making the total of $7.74M.

What Can You Buy for $7.74M?


Given the amount is huge, we imagined how else this money could be spent to benefit regular US students.

The average cost of yearly tuition is:

  • $9,970 in four-year nonprofit public colleges;
  • $34,740 in four-year nonprofit private colleges.

So, how many students could get educated for $7.74M?

  • 222 students could complete a school year or 55 students could complete 4 years of education in a private college;
  • 776 students could complete a school year or 194 students could complete 4 years of education in a public college.

How Many Students Could Have Their Loan Debt Paid Off?


Speaking of student loan debt, New Hampshire has the highest average amount of student debt of $27,200K. So, if we could spend $7.74M to cover student debt, it would actually pay off the debts of 284 people in New Hampshire!


How Many Luxurious Mansions and Cars Could You Buy?













What about real estate? Take Calabasas in California, where the poshest and the most luxurious mansions are. $7.74M could actually buy 2,5 mansions that cost $3.49M each. Mind you, that’s not a regular apartment, that’s 6,405 sqft with 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms!









What about cars? If you’ve been dreaming of 2018 Tesla Model S, $7.74M could buy 82 Tesla cars that cost about $95,350 (base price).


Impressive, right? See the infographic below:







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