Canadian Ex-students Regret About Their Student Debt And Here’s Why

3 years ago



As you already know, being a student is not only hard but an expensive thing, which also requires your time and money. Actually, in 2018, 77% of Canadian graduates say they have regrets about student debt. In this post, the Typical Student is going to tell you why.

An Example

canadian-ex-students-regret-about-their-student-debt Here an example that basically explains everything. Andrew Park paid off his student loans last year. It took him more than 10 years. At the same time, this 30-year-old Toronto resident works as a business development leader now. He used to rack up the loans while studying life sciences at the University of Toronto.

Ex-Students’ Regrets

  • Today 3/4 (which means over 77%) of Canadian ex-students have regrets about the money spent during tuition. Here’s what stats show:
  • 30% of graduates would have had more frugal budgets,
  • 28% say they would have worked more during school,
  • 25% would have avoided other debt by staying away from credit cards and other loans.

And one more interesting thing!

  • 67%  of Canadians included in the poll said they had debt when graduating, and were an average of $22,084 in the red;
  • 33%  graduated debt-free,
  • 62% are still paying off the loans.


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