Surprisingly, Students Choose Smartphones Over Food In Experiment Held At University of Buffalo

2 years ago



The latest research done by the University of Buffalo researchers has revealed a very surprising fact. Turns out, deprived students choose food deprivation over smartphone deprivation! The Typical Student team learned more about this seemingly astounding choice.  

Smartphones vs 100 Calories of Favourite Snack



According to the results of the research, 76 students aged between 18 - 22, would rather choose their smartphone over food. While doing the research on students, the scientists deprived them of food for three hours, and their mobiles - for two hours. Afterward, the students had to complete a computer-based set of tasks either to earn their time on the phone or food.

How Did Researchers Comment On The Results?




Sara O'Donnell, a clinical psychology doctoral student in the Department of Pediatrics, commented on the results as follows: "We were very surprised by the results." Actually, the researchers were surprised at how motivated students had been to get their phones back and that "smartphone reinforcement far exceeded food reinforcement across both methodologies."


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