That’s How Film Students Can Get Stephen King’s Story For $1

2 years ago



Is there any person who can hear but have never heard about Stephen King? In this post, the Typical Student team is about to share with you a very special offer King made for the film students. Actually, you can get any of his stories and make a real movie for $1 only.


Stephen King’s Deal

film-students-get-stephen-kings-story-for-1-dollar-3.jpgSo, here’s the deal this US millionaire horror novelist has for modern students. Today, the amateur filmmakers can get their movie for just a dollar! By the way, King has already offered the deal for more than four decades. Looks like we should be happy with the fact economy crisis didn’t touch King’s prices.


Dollar Babies

film-students-get-stephen-kings-story-for-1-dollar-2.jpgDollar Babies is the program started by Frank Darabont. It happened before Darabont became a famous director thanks to one of the most famous King adaptations - The Shawshank Redemption. As you can see, King's one-dollar option can really work!


Stationary Bike

Besides, in 2018, there are some students who already adapting King story, Stationary Bike. There are 30 Welsh teenagers who use their chances with the one-dollar deal.

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