This “Grandkids-On-Demand” App Was Made For College Students Looking For Job

2 years ago



There’s no doubt, lots of students found getting higher education an expensive process. And they do their best to find a worthy way to make money. That’s why the Typical Student team will show you about this cool app for students.


Join Papa





Basically, Join Papa is a new online service made for students and old people. The app is meant to connect the last ones with college students. To make a long story short, students will be paid to spend time with the seniors and help them with their deals. All in all, the app offers something like  “grandkids-on-demand”.


How Many People Use The App?





Today, there are nearly 300 students using the ap to make money.


“We have found that Papa Pals who join our platform and go through our rigorous onboarding process are more productive and engaged,” said Andrew Parker, founder and CEO of Papa. “They have the power to choose their own hours and we have created an environment that lets our Papa Pals be independent.”

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