How Can US Students Get Up to $28K In Federal Financial Aid?

3 years ago



Student loans are always a hot topic, as the outstanding student debt has reached $1.5 trillion according to the Federal Reserve statistic. Previously, the Typical Student team told you about 3 EFFECTIVE Strategies to Pay Off Student Loan Debt. Most US students apply for FAFSA, still for many it poses a lot of trouble. The standard FAFSA application includes 108 personal and financial questions that are sometimes way too tricky to answer. So, there’s an alternative solution called Frank aimed to help students complete the application process in mere minutes. Interested?


What Is Frank?


Frank is an online platform geared to assist students in completing Free Application for Federal Student Aid. As told by Business Insider, to date Frank has helped over 300K+ students get over $7,5B in financial aid. The average filer using Frank gets $28K in aid from the government, according to app’s creator Charlie Javice.


How Did Frank Appear?





Charlie Javice, 26, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania grad. She has long been interested in finding the solution to help students with FAFSA application process. So, in 2017, she sat down with 1,000 students to fill out the financial aid request forms. Finally, she revealed the pattern that helped her develop a piece of technology to facilitate the application process. Apart from its main purpose, students can use Frank to look for colleges, learn the a complete list of costs, and join the membership program.

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