Study To Success Lifehack: US Students Can Get $500,000+ in Scholarships

3 years ago



Stella, a college student who runs a YouTube channel Study To Success, has recently posted a video where she tells how she managed to get $500,000+ in scholarships. The Typical Student team shares some of her tips on how to get a really good scholarship.


Find Colleges That Offer Scholarships




Stella recommends finding a list of the universities that provide merit scholarships and apply for as many of them as you can (Stella applied for 20+ universities). Moreover, if there is a particular school you are interested in, you can just google it and see whether it provides merit scholarships or not. So the most important thing is to know the schools that offer merit scholarships.


Visit the Schools’ Websites



When you finally chose the schools you are going to apply for, visit their websites and check all the information about the terms and conditions of the scholarships, deadlines etc. Stella also suggests relying only on the official websites, because the information there is always up to date.


Know the Deadlines and Requirements 



Stella says that different universities have different deadlines and requirements, that is why she recommends finding out this information as early as it’s possible. So keep track of the scholarship deadlines not to miss your chance to study almost for free.

See the full video below:


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